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The Gratitude of Anonymous

May 1, 2016

The Gratitude of Anonymous

Montage Bible Church – April 30, 2016: The Gratitude of Anonymous (Jesus and Anonymous Series)


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3 thoughts on “The Gratitude of Anonymous

  1. Judy Briggs says:

    Pastor James,
    It was so great when you asked if we knew why Jesus didn’t ask the Samaritan leper, that was healed and came back to give glory to God, to go on and show himself to the earthly priest, because Jesus was the high priest. It made such perfect sense once you said Jesus was the high priest. It was an ah-ha moment for me. It was the fact that completes the story. Thanks

    1. James Hansen says:

      Thank you Judy! I have continued to think about that passage and believe that this newly cleansed leper had every intention of visiting the earthly priest, but came back, not wanting to miss Jesus and his opportunity to thank Him. Having received his healing from Jesus, he then received his “clean bill of health” from Him as well. What a story that man must have been able to tell!

  2. Kenny. Mcmillan says:

    Please pray that the results of my cat scan for my Lungs will be good news, I did a Redo on cat scan for a follow up. I should find out the results later some time next week and I will definitely let you all know the results when I find out amen. I ask that you all keep me in your prayers, I am trusting in the Lord- good or bad. I give God all the Glory Amen…

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