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No Longer Anonymous



Some of the most interesting stories we have in the Gospels include people we know very little about.  In fact, many of the pivotal moments we read about in the life of Jesus show Him interacting with people whose names we don’t even know: a certain man (Mk.10:17-22), a woman who had been suffering for years (Lk.13:11-17), a centurion (Mt.8:5-13), a boy with fish and loaves (Jn.6:1-14).  The Gospel accounts are chock-full of unnamed people whose lives changed after encountering the named Christ.

Maybe you’ve felt like some of these anonymous people.  You’re just a certain man or a certain woman.  All you are is a tired housewife.  You’re just a guy working a dead-end job.  You’re only a grandparent, or a struggling student, or a single parent.  Perhaps you feel that there’s nothing really special about you.  If the culture is a flashing neon sign, you’re a 15-watt bulb…hardly noticeable at all.

But if the Gospels teach us anything about the way the Savior relates to people, it’s that when we meet Jesus, He gives us His sincere attention.  The God of the universe fixes His eyes on you and prompts a dialogue.  At that point, what does it matter if people know who you are or not?  God knows you.  Isn’t that what’s important?

You might be some obscure character to the masses, but to Jesus, you’re not anonymous; you’re important enough to approach.  You might feel overlooked, underappreciated, and hum-drum, but in you, the Savior sees a chance for a life-changing dialogue.

The unnamed people in the Gospels are more numerous than you might think.  Their presence in the storyline teaches me that I’m not just “someone”.  I’m someone He can’t wait to spend time with.  I’m not just another face in the crowd…and neither are you.

2 thoughts on “No Longer Anonymous

  1. Kenny. Mcmillan says:

    Pastor James!!! Please pray for my situation in regards to this 2 day stem cell surgery in Arizona. The only bad thing is my health insurance will not pay for it. it’s an 84 percent success rate at living a lot better quality of life without oxygen, but the cost that I would need to come up with is $7,500.00 dollars for the procedure as well as the round trip airfare that I obviously can’t afford. the place would also put me up in a hotel for the 2 day’s as well as picking up from the airport as well as taking me back to the airport as well amen. Please pray that I can find away to get the money or some kind of fund raiser amen. I definitely pray and know that the Lord will help me find a way and I definitely give the Lord all the Glory… Love your Christian Brother in Jesus Name Forever amen… Kenny… the oxygen man..

  2. Kenny. Mcmillan says:

    Good day to you pastor James, I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about stopping by and attending your 3 week membership/ Bible study. I know that I’m already a member, but I love sitting in your class and learning more as I go amen. I love you pastor James, love your Christian Brother — the 02 — man, Jesus is giving me my wings in the near future, haha. See you in about 3 hours or so, Lord willing amen. Love always and Blessing’s to you and your’s God Bless. Kenny…

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