In I John 2:1, the beloved disciple tells us that Christians have a Paraclete, meaning “Helper,” “Counselor,” or “Comforter.”  He’s talking about Jesus here.  But this term can also mean “Defense Attorney.”  John is taking us into the Heavenly courtroom and showing us how a sin trial is conducted.

The Apostle is careful to use very specific language.  In fact, he intentionally used a plural pronoun.  He never said, “I have an Advocate,” as if Jesus only has one client.  John said that we have an Advocate.

Imagine sitting as a plaintiff and Jesus is giving you counsel.  You look over and make eye contact with the guilty party and then smirk, because you just know that the defendant is going to get crushed on cross-examination.  He doesn’t stand a chance against this Prosecutor.  But then, when you least expect it, your Counsel jumps across the room, sits Himself down next to the defendant, and begins advocating on his behalf.  He’s offering counsel to the offender!

Chances are you would want to shout, “I object!  How dare my Counselor defend the one who wronged me!  An apology isn’t going to cut it.  What about suing for damages?  What about my pain and suffering?”  Right when I’m protesting the loudest, this Defense Attorney makes a motion to dismiss the case, seeing how the crime has been erased and the penalty has already been paid.

The same One Who comforts me when I’ve been mistreated is the same Defense Attorney for the person who has wronged me.  I can’t hold a grudge against a fellow Christian because Jesus doesn’t play favorites.  He is Counsel for all His followers, not just the ones I think deserve it.

Yes, we have a Defense Attorney, and that should cause us to repent quicker and forgive others with greater ease.