Ministry Philosophy of Montage

In the art world, a montage is a style of composition where various elements, pictures, or designs are brought together to create a solitary, unified work. In film, montage refers to an editorial technique where several shots are spliced together into a single, concentrated image or idea. Montage Bible Church is kind of similar to these things.

Montage is a collection of people from various backgrounds who worship Jesus in unity. It’s a place where an individual with a spiritual gift can serve and encourage the whole congregation. It’s a place where everyone sits under the authority of one Book. Montage is filled with people who come from different pasts but are looking toward the same future.

Our vision is clear and expansive: we transform the culture through His Word and our witness. Our mission is simple and practical: we help people from all cultures learn about God, live for God, and love like God.

So, what do we mean by culture? We define cross-cultural ministry as “the Cross for all cultures” (see Gal.3:28). That means whatever differences there are between us, Jesus is more important. He’s more important than our differences in age or socio-economic status. He’s more important than our ethnicity or physical appearance and abilities. After all, from God’s perspective, He only sees two cultures: sheep and goats. And He wants the sheep to get along well so they can be a witness to the goats who are watching!

Montage is far from perfect. It’s made up of imperfect people and imperfect leaders who worship the perfect Christ. Despite its shortcomings, Montage is a place where you will be challenged by Scripture. It’s a place where you’ll be loved. It’s a place where you can serve the congregation and community. In the end, Montage is about collaboration: the scattered church comes together every week and provides a beautiful picture of Christ on earth.