the montage story

Montage Bible Church began in March 2016, but there were certainly stirrings about this fellowship long before its launch date. Many years before Montage came to fruition, Pastor James Hansen had been in discussions with Pastor Ken Hutcherson, then Senior Pastor of Antioch Bible Church, about starting a new church. Both men prayed and explored the possibility, but it seemed apparent that it was not God’s will at that time.


After several years, the embers of a church plant again caught fire. The Hansens partnered with another couple, Corey and Cori Belle, to plant Montage. After a few months of praying and planning together, God opened a door for this new church plant and in March 2016 it began meeting on Saturday nights. Lighthouse Foursquare became the church’s temporary home for 3 years and Montage remains grateful for the hospitality of Pastor Bill Hill during those formative years.

However, the leadership was convinced that the Lord wanted the church to move from worshipping together on Saturday evenings to Sunday mornings. On the week of the 3rd Anniversary, the leadership of Montage visited a church facility in Bothell which was being put up for sale the following week. An offer was placed on that building and Montage owned it within a month! Over the next several months, the people of Montage put their finances and sweat equity into renovating the facility that is now called home. A grand opening was held the week of Thanksgiving 2019, which will always serve as a reminder of Montage’s gratitude for God’s guidance and unexpected provision.


In June of 2021, after five years of faithfully leading Montage Bible Church, Pastor James stepped down. Pastor Wayne Taylor assumed the role of interim pastor, as Montage began a period of transition and waiting on the Lord.

Then in July 2023, God in His sovereign kindness brought Pastor Stephen Duwe to Montage. Pastor Stephen was raised in the greater Seattle region and has ministered in the area for a number of years prior to Montage, and thus is well-attuned to our unique local blend of cultures. With the Word of God as his first priority and sure foundation, by God’s grace Montage will continue to help people from all cultures learn about God, love like God, and live for God.

To put it simply: Montage has a history that goes all the way back to Antioch. Not just Antioch Bible Church, but the ancient city of Antioch. As we read in Acts 11, Antioch is where the early followers of Jesus were first called Christians. These unashamed disciples wore their Savior’s moniker proudly and set out across the world to proclaim Him. We follow in their footsteps, a blended montage of people uniting with a common goal—to worship and proclaim Jesus.

Join in the proclamation! 

Worship us this Sunday at 10am.

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