philosophy of montage

In the art world, a montage is a style of composition where various elements, pictures, or designs are brought together to create a solitary, unified work. In film, montage refers to an editorial technique where several shots are spliced together into a single, concentrated image or idea. Montage Bible Church is similar to these. We are a collection of people from various backgrounds unified in the worship of Jesus.


Help people from all cultures learn about God, love like God, and live for God.

Helping people from all cultures learn about God...

Our top priority on Sunday mornings is to glorify God by teaching the truths of Scripture. We aim to go deep in expository preaching, exploring the riches of his mercy and grace verse by verse through books of the Bible. By forming strong convictions, we are able to stand firm on the truth.

Helping people from all cultures... love like God...

Nothing is more important for a believer than to follow and live out God's Word. As disciples of Jesus, we are called to die to self and make disciples who love God and love people. We seek to develop character through in-home Life Groups, tailored one-on-one discipleship and serving one another.

Helping people from all cultures... live for God.

Knowing God's Word and conforming our character prepares us for our greatest ambition of allestablishing new worshippers of Jesus. Through personal witnessing, outreach events, supporting missionaries, and living for Jesus 7 days a week, we take up our commission to bring the Savior to the lost.

join our mission

Contribute to what God's doing at Montage and grow in the process. Here's how:

1. Learn About God - CONVICTIONS

2. Love Like God - CHARACTER

3. Live For God - COMMISSION

  • Participate in our outreach endeavors
  • Share the gospel with family, friends, and neighbors
  • Invite family, friends, and neighbors to a Montage service or event
  • Support our missionaries financially
  • Start your own outreach (and invite us to join you!) or suggest an idea on how to reach locals for Christ
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  • Hear a sermon

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  • meet pastor Stephen

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